Mad Wags: I’m Glad Dogs aren’t Cars


January 7, 2014 by Julia West

While driving home this evening, I was struck with the similarity between cars and dogs. Both have something inside driving them that we can only attempt to understand but never fully know.

But thankfully, unlike cars, dogs have a seemingly endless array of ways to express what is going on in their minds. They aren’t limited to the stiff constraints lane position, blinkers, or headlights. They can show us what they feel in the position of their eyes, ears, mouth, tails and everything in between.

If you are lucky, every once and a while you’ll be able to see the “driver” smile, nod in the affirmative, or wave you forward.

Upside down Boxer smile.

No road rage here.

One thought on “Mad Wags: I’m Glad Dogs aren’t Cars

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