Don’t feed your dog a vegetarian diet, you damn hippie.

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September 23, 2014 by Julia West

Ages ago, when Xena was a youngster, I met a couple and their adorable little Boston Terrier named Cowboy. When he started dancing in front of my treat pouch filled with meaty deliciousness (yes, I brought treats to the dog park, I was a newbie, let’s move on…) I asked if I could give him a treat. They replied “Oh, no, he’s vegan. Here give him one of his wheat grass treats.” Talk about a disappointed little dog. He kept trying to charm me until they left. Probably because we were a bad influence.

The Dog Snobs

Said no dog ever.

Ok, let’s talk dog nutrition.  Dogs are carnivores.   Well, two out of three Dog Snobs say so because technically speaking, Giant Pandas are also carnivores if we’re being literal, even though their diet consists of 90% plant matter. Anyways, what we can definitely all agree on is that dogs are NOT meant to eat a vegetarian diet. We know your rescued Formosan Mountain Dog, Kale, loves her vegan kibble, but guess what, you dirty dirty hippie–dogs love cat shit. That doesn’t mean that your dog can exist entirely on Kibbles n’ shits,  though they might do a bit better than on your weird soy based nuggets.

Let’s play a game. We’re going to post the ingredient list an AAFCO approved Vegan Dog Food and the ingredient to a Guinea Pig Food and ask you to tell us which is which…


Food A: Dried Peas, Brown…

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