#TBT Hiding from the Hiccups

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October 23, 2014 by Julia West

The weather was a little brisk for the season when we brought Delta home in Spring 2012. Being a short haired breed on top of a “Southern” girl, Delta was shivery when we came in from her morning potty break.

I got into the habit of snuggling her into my robe so that she could warm up. Soon enough, she began putting herself in my robe when she wanted to snuggle in the morning, even when the weather didn’t require it. Which is what lead to this adorable picture of my little burrower.

Baby Delta says hiccups are hard!

Baby Delta says hiccups are hard!

These days, she is a lot bigger and I can’t remember the last time she was cold enough to shiver. Still, as the temperature drops I will find her persistently nudging my robe as I sit on the couch. Occasionally she’ll get frustrated that she can’t get fully covered up and will stubbornly force her head down my sleeve. Poor thing, it’s hard being a grown up!

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